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Friday, 8 April 2016

Chapter 82

This chapter have no title because we can't really decide on the title. As the next 3 chapter have the same name as this one, once chapter 84 is fully translated we would be able to name it. Don't worry there is no cliffhanger for this chapter. Maybe the next one might have.

The next day, as planned, the Darkness God Corps with the investigation group departed the town and headed towards their objective at dawn.

During their early lunch, they will replenish their water supply and receive the contact from Hivodir’s reinforcements, that were heading to the capital, to get the details for the afternoon battle.

Vermeer foresees that Rinval’s defence forces will most likely merge together with Driadria’s forces by the highway, to restrain them from advancing.

“Want me to go scout?”
“Yes, make sure there isn’t an ambush.”

Having movement assist and transmission, Fonke’s group is very useful as a Scout troop. Along with Yuusuke’s motorbikes, Fonke’s group went to scout ahead. As though waiting for a ride, Fonke subordinates hopped on the back of the 2 motorbikes.

“Well we will go ahead now!”
“Don’t over extend~”

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