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Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Chapter 80: Conference of the Three

“Th-thank you very much… for what you have done for Odo.”
“Don’t worry, I couldn’t leave him lying like that.”
Yuusuke had retracted the stone walls, freeing Valerie from her prison, and ordered Aisha’s group to heal Odo. At the same time he tried to question everyone about what was going on here. Odo’s wounds were clearly caused by humans.
Was he robbed, or has he gotten into a fight with other people. No matter the reason, there seemed to be some people in the city that needed to pay for their actions.
Being taken care of by a group of knights, skilled in healing arts, Odo began looking better and better. Valerie felt relieved and then turned pale, noticing that Yuusuke and the others had belonged to the Darkness God Corps. She directed her worried gaze at Welsh and Livon.
Both of her consorts looked as pale as her and were wringing their minds, trying to find a way out of their current situation.
[“Our most important objective is to keep them away from exposing us.”]
[“But how did Odo manage to get so far?”]

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