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Friday, 13 November 2015

Chapter 59 : Sun's Determination

Translator : Baka367, Editor : Champion9124, Proofreader : MrNeutral

Dressed up in good quality white servant clothes, Sun was nervously holding the bow that she had received from Bahana. The same day that she was appointed to be a servant of the Darkness God Corps, the group was ordered to investigate a report of demon beasts ravaging around the countryside.
Sun’s equipment was enchanted to a similar level of the ones that Yuusuke wore. Although the equipment greatly enhanced her abilities, the girl relied much more on Yuusuke’s skills than on the quality of the equipment.
“You are saying that, but without your customized equipment your abilities could not even be considered average.”
“That’s true…”
“… I agree…”
“Eh? Eh? Why are you speaking like that, Yuusuke-san?”
Yuusuke became somewhat down, drawing letters from a different world as his feet. Sun, absentminded from the stress, frantically tried to calm her friend, who was performing yet another strange ritual.
“Captain, I am sorry to interrupt your happy time (flirting), but our preparations are done.“

“You call this flirting? I am feeling depressed here!” retorted Yuusuke as he boarded the carriage, followed by Sun.


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