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Monday, 14 September 2015

Chapter 42 : Singing Princesses of Sanc Adiet

Looking for editors and proofreaders.

Okay for those who just like to flame, 1) I am translating it according to the text I read, I don't like leaving out any lines of the story. 2) If you don't like how I translate, then go ahead and translate it yourself, this author sometimes writes things that doesn't make sense.

Translator : Lunate87 TLC : Baka367, Editor : Champion9124

A few days back, King Esvosbus had returned from the conference about the agreements and arrangements of compensation that were to be announced and made by Blue Garden. Originally it wasn’t prohibited, but by anticipating the situation, many of the merchants had been restraining on trading great amount of goods.  

Now, after the announcement, the distribution that had once been stalled had become active again, thus the prices of goods began to stabilize in both the cities of Fonclanc and Blue Garden.


“Hey, isn’t this Yuusuke.”(Hivodir)

As it was about time to create the next set of rings, Yuusuke left the palace and headed towards the city to do some material shopping, while passing the streets of the noble district, he met Hivodir.

“Yo, have you recovered from your injuries?”(Yuusuke)

“I was already healed up on that day by water arts, and I have been on a sick leave since. However I am pretty much alright.”(Hivodir)

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