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Thursday, 28 January 2016

Chapter 73: Facility control strategy

Translator : Lunate, TLC: Baka367, Editor: MrNeutral

After spending an entire night leading the investigation group through the underground passageway, the Darkness God Corp had arrived at the magical beast facility. At the top floor of Volance Palace within the king’s private quarters, King Esvobus was having a secret meeting with Reifold.

“It seems that his subordinates had misunderstood his situation.”

The observation had began since the meeting between Yussuke and Reifold at the nearby forest of Rufk, this answer was derived the other day through Reifold during the Driadria incident. Yuusuke who was merely a commoner who was given these “powers”. From the old stories that were being passed down from various places, the “Evil God” would always make use and understand his “power”.

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