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Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Chapter 71 : Onwards to the Evil beast institution

Translator : Baka367

“Captain, a messenger from yet another mercenary group has arrived.”
“It seems that several adventurer groups also want to join under you.” (as subordinates)
“Uhm… even a maid has come here seeking for employment.”
The news of the Evil God Corps moving towards the sealed institute had spread through the town like wildfire. Big mercenary groups immediately sent their messengers, with adventurer groups following them in a seemingly endless stream.  
Yuusuke’s party also had a lot of preparations to make, they left the meetings for a later date and asked everyone to leave.
“Bluntly speaking, this feels like shunning off the parasites.”
“Ahh, that is… don’t they look like people that don’t have the capacity to handle the task at hand and are trying to join with an other, more capable, party instead?”

“Ah I get it. What a perfect way to describe them.”


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