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Saturday, 6 June 2015

Chapter 16 : Under the Sun and the Starry Sky

Translator : Lunate  TLC : Baka367  Editor : Champion9124

Word count : 4002

~Pov of I don't know who maybe violet? maybe krielov? maybe god? maybe Morgan freeman!

After receiving an emergency contact from Gear Hawk Fortress, an emergency party consisting of several god corps units was dispatched. By the time we arrived at the fort, the night was about to end. In the morning mist, the scene in which we saw was as if it was a ruin, the interior of Gear Hawk Fortress was being exposed, wreckage could be found all around, graves markers stood planted throughout the whole site. And in the vicinity was one of the god corps carriage's horse which was wandering around aimlessly.

Seeing that the friendly reinforcement have arrived, Yuusuke and his party who survived the onslaught began to walk out of the fortress unharmed. They began to describe the series of events that happened and handed the 2 survivors to the water arts professional unit. Before we started cleaning up the wreckage, they led us to underground basement of the fortress where the remains were located.

Debris of cobblestone was scattered all over the site. When Yuusuke used his customization ability, the debris was considered as part of a group item, thus allowing him to stack them up nicely in the corner of the site. Multiple craters were left behind in the premises, and an object that seemly belonged to the Wind Troupe was found within one of them.

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