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Monday, 18 May 2015

Chapter 10 : The ending of a 2D1N strife (Part 1)

Sorry for the wait here's part 1. 

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The policy of opening the observation tower to the public was decided, they had to consider the safety of the people and the risk of danger if too many people entering at once, thus guard soldiers are being stationed at the entrances at all times to manage the inflow and outflow of the people.

Normally, during the night the gate square would be like a ghost town, but tonight it's packed full of people who wants to ascend the observation tower. Without delay, merchants have begin to sell souvenirs which look like the model of the tower, and it is made by the recruited earth arts users.
At every rest floor, people could request for a restoration by the healing system of the water arts users for a small fee.

On the other hand, Yusuke and Sun who were semi-forcibly invited to Volance Palace were trying to calm down in the overly large and luxurious room.

'After I finished the meal that was brought into the room, Sun was brought over to a separate room to rest, I begin to worry with anxiety as I no longer can repress those feelings. Not being paranoia, but within the palace not everyone is good-will like Violet.' ~Yusuke's Pov

"That fella is a special person...... an eccentric if one would say."(Yusuke)
"Who are you talking about?"(Violet)

The sudden voice startled Yusuke who was aimlessly murmuring to himself in the middle of the room.

Looking behind, standing at the door was Violet who brought Sun along. The red headed twin tail was wearing a red dress was Violet. While Sun was wearing a white one piece dress. As he normally sees her in her village clothes, it feels refreshing to see her in a dress that shows her cleavage.
Sun who noticed Yusuke's line of sight felt shy and made a gesture to hide her chest.

"NN~~?  Where are you looking at, those eyes of yours Yusuke"(Violet)

As Violet lets her hair down, her glossy and beautiful red hair seem to smoothly flow downwards giving off a graceful and elegant atmosphere showing that she have sheltered life, but inside her is still amazing honorable beautiful granny princess.

"Don't blame me. Or rather what's going on here? The 2 of you to gather together here."(Yusuke)
"We are here for the after meal dessert, I still have yet to hear your side of the story."(Violet)

As Violet and Sun enter the room, the maids following behind pushed the catering vehicles in and said, "excuse me/pardon me". They begin to line up the table with dishes of fresh juicy fruits, and honey was being poured atop them. It was Violet's favorite dessert.

"Wah, this will be sweet."(Yusuke)
"Hey, that's bad manners."(Violet)

Yusuke groan as he prepares himself to take note of ,"manners expressed to this fella", while Sun was smiling without reservation. As the maids step back into the hallway, they immediately places the desserts into their mouth and try.

"How is it, delicious right?"(Violet)
"Nhh ~~ Sun how is it?"(Yusuke)
"Erm .... .... is honey so sweet?"(Sun)

Violet poised proudly as she boasted about the sweetness of the fruit, she became puzzled by the two persons poor reaction to it. She was disappointed by not seeing Yusuke's face of astonishment, and Sun's question of the honey's taste.

"What, is this not fitting for your mouth? Or you can't taste anything at all"(Violet)
"Nope, how to say ....... the taste is everywhere, it's like forcing a fruit to be sweeten by seeping honey in doesn't seem to blend."(Yusuke)
"This is the lala fruit. It is young and ripened enough to eat, but I have gotten used to the taste of Mr Yusuke's lala fruit."(Sun)

Due to Sun dicey expression Yusuke call up the customization menu, he set the status of the honey dressed fruits to the sweetness they normally eat.

"Here, try this"(Yusuke)

Yusuke's customized dessert was instantly gobbled up by Violet as she shove it in her mouth in one shot. Munch munch munch --

"Nnh? What's with this deliciousness! It it as if it is a different thing"(Violet)

Violet was increasingly interested in Yusuke's divine art as it could even do such a thing. Although it is possible to increase the water contain by adjusting the moisture level of the food using water arts, but this is the first time that a divine art could even change it's taste.

"Is there any other thing? Is there anything else you can do?"(Violet)
"Ng? Hm~ .... other things, well, I could tinker with something like clothes"(Yusuke)

Violet leaned closer as she was curious, Yusuke gave a vague answer when he realized that he was revealing too much. Due to the cheat like effect of his ability, he judge that it would be better if he didn't reveal too much details. Thus, giving some information to divert from the main topic.

"Other than that, well than as you seen through the process, this fruit is real right? I didn't think that the royal family would eat dessert."(Yusuke)
"Lala fruits? Of course unlike the ones growing in the wild, this luxury fruit was grown by the palace purveyor of plantations"(Violet)

Other than that there were other food products like breeded domestic animals, the current problem is that there are not enough grazing lands, a big plan for relocation was currently in progress. Yusuke was relieved as he had diverted from the main topic, and is currently listening to the story of the ranch..

"Regarding this someone have been releasing magical beast near the ranches, well the only people I could think that would do this is those that came from Blue Garden"(Violet)

There was the situation of Zeshald, but as Violet talk about the damages caused by the harassment of Blue garden her voice dropped a tone.

As the borders of the highway are mostly blocked, the merchants who are coming to Sanc Adiet from other countries have to detour around, apparently this cause a delayed in the flow of goods, thus affecting the stability of the price of commodities.

"My father unwillingness to converse with them, the uselessness of the bureaucrats, and Zeshald joining of the other side...."(Violet)

Violet let out a sigh and rest her chin on her hands. As discouraging words were spewing out of her mouth.

A sad gloomy face reflected on this beautiful proud noble accentuates an unique aura. That usual determined shiny read eyes have dimmed, that small stature of a child look as if it had curled up into a ball, the usual lively impression have disappear leaving a frail impression behind, it really stirs one up to want to protect her.
She begins to stuff herself with the honey sauce fruit.

"Tomorrow after breakfast I will prepare a carriage to sent you back to the village, have a good rest"(Violet)
"I'll accept your proposal"(Yusuke)

After finishing the dessert, leaving Sun behind Violet left the room meant for Yusuke. After parting with the 2 of them at the door front, Violet went back to her room in the upper floors, as Sun's room was next to Yusuke's.

"Well, it's about time to rest Sun"(Yusuke)
"Yes..... Erm, Mr Yusuke"(Sun)

Without reservation Sun stood beside Yusuke, as soon as she grab his arms she immediately move away. It has been a long time since Sun have touch Yusuke when she washed his feet. By touching him, it was a gesture Sun was expressing," I trust you".

"Good Night, Mr Yusuke"(Sun)
"Oh, Ohhh ..... Good night"(Yusuke)

As he sent her off to her own room, Yusuke tilted his neck and thought,' I wonder what that just now?', as he walk back into his room.

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