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Friday, 17 June 2016

Chapter 86 : Special forces (Spec Ops)

Sorry for the late release, overwatch took over my life. Dammed it I got to play a little lesser. With that said here is chapter 86

Translator : Lunate, TLC : Baka367, Editor: MrNeutral , Champion9124

Late night ~~

In a room in Volance Palace, a gathering of voices could be heard in heated discussion. The nobles of the various houses ranging from the prestigious Volace family, to the bureaucrats and those managing divine user soldiers had gathered.

They split up and gathered according to their position and status. Their main purpose was to oust the Darkness God Captain. And thus the open meeting started with the discussion of future measures and plans.

“Demanding requests to the princess with an inappropriate social position, even though he has a distinguished military record, he is still dangerous.”
“We had tried the direct approach before and it didn’t work so our next option was to indirectly cause him harm.“


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