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Thursday, 31 March 2016

Chapter 81 : Happenings on the streets of the relay town

Sorry for the late release, I'm busy with work. So release will be slow for the next few months.

Translator : Lunate, TLC : Baka367, Editor: MrNeutral , Champion9124

Hivodir’s reinforcements that had earlier headed to Rinval were currently assisting in King Cliffzard’s escape, while an emergency measure meeting was being held in Volance palace. At the same time, the Darkness God Corps was getting ready to head towards Trent Rietta.

The discussion on how to handle the custody of Valerie and her members would be held after dinner.

Considering their circumstances other than knowing the organisation and simply being a captive, Valerie was just being used by the organisation.

Whether it was using magical beasts as part of the Wind Edge’s forces, Valerie was upset with the actions the 3 officers had undertaken which had dishonoured the Elfodoras Family. She hoped that asking the organization members to surrender would cause turmoil within the inner part of Wind Edge.

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