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Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Chapter 64 : The Dance Festival (Front Part)

Alright the late release is due to work, it's the holiday season so Baka workload just got more thus he release it a little late. For the next chapter since it is a little long I will be splitting it into 2 parts. It's totally not because of fallout 4.


“We finally arrived. As I thought, this was faster than using a knight’s carriage.”
“To be able to travel that fast without a carriage. It’s an amazing thing!”
They only took a short rest during their trip and were able to arrive at the village early in the afternoon. The trip took them around five hours, and repeating the same task for this long was nothing to a former MMO addict like Yuusuke.
“Yuusuke-san I thought that you would come back soon.”
“I’m back, Bahana-san.”
When she heard that Sun had been appointed as a special attendant for the Darkness God Corps, Bahana gently stoked the girl’s hair, asking her to show her uniform the next time she came back home.

Because they did not use a carriage to go to the village, at first only the people that were near the village gate had noticed them. However, by the time they arrived at Zeshald’s house, the news had spread throughout the entire village and everyone had gathered to greet them.

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