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Monday, 10 August 2015

Chapter 32 : Ghost of the middle class district (PART 1)

Translator : baka367, TLC : lunate, Editor : champion9124

Having returned to the palace from Rufk, Yuusuke explained Sun’s circumstances to Violet and obtained her approval. Krielov also had no objections and gave his written approval. Due to the construction of the Deernook fortress and the exemplary service during the Paula incident, Yuusuke’s request for permission to construct a residence in the noble’s district was approved without any issues.
As soon as the arrangements were completed, he would be ready to welcome Sun. During his time between his duties and ordinary tasks, Yuusuke was preoccupied with thinking of any additional measures that would help Sun. As he was thinking of Sun, it occurred to himself that he could also improve his own ability. (TN: took him only 31 chapters ><)
“Can I really do it?” (Yuusuke)
In the [Item Customization Creation System] that was the basis for his customize create ability, there was a so called gimmicks feature that worked along the status and shape customization.

It was a function that was used primarily to create vanity items, such as wings that sprouted from your back. Although they looked real, it was an item that was made for enjoyment and display and did nothing aside from displaying the flapping motion. (TN: the ability itself is called motion creation/motion bestowment)

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