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Monday, 13 April 2015

World customize creator (Web Novel) Chapter 3 : Life in Rufuku Village (Part 1)

(Translator notes: I will split this chapter into 5 different parts so you guys wont need to wait so long to read it once I completed the whole chapter I will released the consolidated on a page.)

"That is the Village of Rufuku"(Zerald)

There were many rows of cluttered wooden huts, beyond the road which Zerald was pointing at. There are about 60 villagers households, around 240 people living in this village which is quite a decent size. On the other side of the village is a magnificent vast plain.

"So is this the village where the people without god technique lives?" (Yusuke)
"mhhh. Due to a certain ordeal which I have explain just now, I am currently staying at that village as a water god technique person and a doctor."(Zerald)

Rather than abusing his power as a god technique person, Zerald is living along side with the residents of the no technique village, he teaches/instructs them even though it is uncommon, as he explained along the way the difference between the god technique people and the no technique people.

The majority of the people in this world received the blessings of the 4 major gods who created the world, these god technique people are able to wield the power of the gods. Thus those with the power are able to reigned in the lands of Karutsio, and dominate every corner of the world. Being a minority of the population who do not have powers, the no technique people are viewed/treated as livestock to the god technique people.

"Being viewed/treated as livestock, that is terrible"(Yusuke)
"This is a fact, there is so much difference between those who have powers of god and those who does not."(Zerald)

There is a distinct division of area between the 4 major gods hierarchy among the god technique people, even within the same city of an area the places which they lived in are pre determined. The flame technique people are top on the hierarchy followed by the water technique and earth technique people in the middle, the wind technique people are the lowest on the hierarchy.

"Well, this hierarchy is mainly based on which god technique is stronger in terms of military power and might."(Zerald)
"Oh I see"(Yusuke)

As Karutsio is an unknown world I do not possess the common knowledge, but thanks to Zerald consideration and getting to the main point through his lecture, I am able to smoothly understand the structure of this world.

"Since you have a rough understanding, may you live your life step by step learning along the way."(Zerald)
"Thank you for your guidance"(Yusuke)

Zerald invited me to stay in his house for the time being as a research subject, due to the fact that I am confused after being summoned to this world suddenly, and the demonstration of the customization ability earlier.

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