World Customize Creator (Light Novel) Volume 1 (Digest version)


It was a fine day, I, Tagami Yusuke was enjoying a comfortable game play environment in a quiet shrine as always, without any forewarning, my life was about to reach a major turning point.

~ Come Forth Evil God ~

A sudden voice echoed within my head. The next moment, I begin to feel my body floating towards the sky.

~Thou shalt grant my wishes and be given power~

From this world to a parallel world. In this life, it is not limited to this world, there exist many other countless worlds. In between the gaps of these parallel worlds there exist the world of Hazama, like a gigantic floating disk shaped earth.

The people who live there called this place as “ Karuts~io”, countries built, prospered, declined and perished, the cycle of human life had spun throughout this unbroken chain of it's history.

In this world “karutsio”, in order to protect “the great purpose/intention” of the lives who lived there, young people from different worlds are being summoned, they are beings blessed with a new body which is imbued with their desired powers.



  1. just wanted to ask if there are any plans for this to be translated? i would really love to read this one

    1. currently working on the web version chapter 2.

  2. great job, this novel is already on my watch list. I'm looking forward for your translation :) Keep up the good work :)

    1. Btw i will be translating the web novel version instead of the digested ones, cause it seems like there are some companies licensing all the light novels that are being translated online. While the web version doesn't seem to take the heat.


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