Chapter 34 : The short peace

“What? In the end the rumors of the ghost were just a researcher and the works of children?”(Violet)
“It worked well while it lasted. This is the identity of such rumors.” (Yuusuke)

“Boring~~ But It’s still pretty interesting to have a city underground, should we go try exploring the basement of the palace now?”(Violet)
“The basement of the palace huh….”(Yuusuke)

A few days after solving the specter commotion, Yuusuke was currently holed up in his room after he had finished his patrolling duties in the commoner district. He began experimenting on the gimmick function specification on some crap items, for the purpose of testing them. Violet was currently hanging around in his room, as she leisurely enjoyed their silly conversation time.

The location of Yuusuke’s mansion was decided, and all that’s left is to wait for it to be built. Although Yuusuke could have built it himself, but due to various circumstances he had let the earth arts architects work hard on it.

The talks between Blue Garden’s Queen Risha and King Esvobus had been planned to be carried out in the next 2 or 3 days at Deernook fortress. The officials who had attended the meeting realised that they had misjudged the power of Yuusuke, due to the sheer size and profoundness of the Deernook fortress.

They began advising the King to place on Yuusuke the burden and responsibility of a post in the expansion development branch of the city. These bureaucrats who had underestimated the presence of Yuusuke from the beginning of the establishment of the Darkness God Corps, don’t they feel shy to even make such a move after so long, even though it was difficult, as Violet is a wall that will constrain them.

The fiance candidates who don’t play much of an active role in Yuusuke’s activity, wanted to successfully control him with Hivodir’s cooperation. Since Yuusuke’s position hasn’t changed at all, thus he goes about doing his daily peace, like going to the commoner district to mingle with them and providing companionship to Violet.

It’s also one of the reasons he wanted to construct his own home. With Violet wanting to selfishly monopolize and hog Yuusuke being the main reason.

“Hey Yuusuke, are you able to make a large scale version of this?”(Violet)

Violet was playing and toying around with the experimental figurines which was made to move. She could be seen pulling and tugging the string which was attached to the favorite experimental figure. Her favorite was a “Flying saucer”. In the middle of the disk-shaped body was 4 holes opening, inside the openings were built in wings that rotates.

The Radio-controlled Airplane was amongst the things Yuusuke had seen in his original world, so he tried reproducing it into a disc-shaped like aircraft which was able to hover in mid air. Thus saying that, it has been swaying left and right while floating in the air.

Violet who had taken a liking to this unusual saucer which was floating in the air, placed a string on it and brought it around. As it was also pretty cooling as it floated above her head. (TL notes: LOL portable fan | ED: I wished it just followed me around while cooling me off haha)

“I don’t think it’s possible. Is it’s impossible to ride something like this though? There are alot of unknown dangers.”(Yuusuke)
“Fuee, how about that thing over there, with wheels that are spinning without a puller?”(Violet)

“Currently, it is a ongoing research, it’s in the testing phase for baggages.”(Yuusuke)
“Whoa! How does it work? Can it carry a person?”(Violet)

Although, through the gimmick feature the pull cart of the wheels was moving, it became stuck the moment a baggage was placed on it. As it seems, motion could only be granted as a gimmick feature from the start, and when an extensive load was applied to it, it would come to a halt.

Therefore, by adding a heavy object’s weight before granting the rotation motion in order to supply enough power to the wheels, it allowed the ability to grant enough resistance to weight for the movement of the wheel itself, after that, removing the weight limit will allow an increase in power.

“It’s a troublesome procedure, however the reverse has a higher safety.”(Yuusuke)

No matter the cause, there should be a method to stop it no matter what, in case of causing a tragic accident.

“An accident that could be caused by a runaway carriage?”(Violet)
“Well, for example…..having a hair caught in the rotation of the propeller ~~”(Yuusuke)

After pointing out that hair standing accidents that could happen, Violet began to worry needlessly about the thing above her head.

“That’s a scary thing to say.”(Violet)

“Well, first I need to find a method to safely use them without a risk of such accidents occurring.”(Yuusuke)

While playfully teasing Violet lightly, Yuusuke placed the completed mini automatic cart on the floor.

The entire length was about 50cm long, the width was about 40cm wide and the 4 wheels were around 30cm in diameter. He began applying the rotation motion onto the rear weights with added a weight load, on the cart was a rod-like shaped handle which was an ON/OFF switch.

“Now then, will it move?”(Yuusuke)

Yuusuke boarded the mini automatic cart and sat in a cross-legged position, after which he began the motion of switching it on while Violet was watching in anticipation. The vibration of an attempted rotation was transmitted to his butt.


The cart which was carrying Yuusuke, did not even flinch.

“Nothing happened right?”

Realising his experiment had failed due to his body weight, Yuusuke tried to step out of the vehicle, and the moment the weight was reduced due to one of his legs, the mini cart began moving forward. It was an amusing sight as he immediately tripped and fell while failing to get off onto the ground, so he reached for the motion OFF switch.

“So the load resistance for the wheels isn’t enough…”(Yuusuke)
“Now, let me ride it too.”(Violet)

Yuusuke began to think that it might move slightly if the person was a little lighter than him. While saying so, Violet happily got onto the mini automatic cart. He taught her how to steer and turn the motion switch ON. (TL notes: The author seems to wanna emphasize the ON and OFF)

“Ah, it’s was really because of the weight.”(Yuusuke)

“Goro Goro” was the sound of the wooden wheel moving along the stone floor. The mini cart was moving at a rate of a normal person walking slowly with Violet in it. Violet, who was in high spirits, tried to move towards to opened the room door and was immediately stopped by Yuusuke.

“Wait a minute, are you trying to go down the hallway in that manner.”(Yuusuke)
“Eh, don’t stop me Yuusuke, I want to go down this hallway like this.”(Violet)

Since it is a small cart and she was not sitting cross legged, her pants were in full view from the front.

“Even though you are a tomboyish princess, going out like that you will surely find your dedicated guard and trainer, Krielov, become a nagging hurricane.”(Yuusuke)
“Uuu…. there’s no choice then.”(Violet)

Reluctantly, Violet put up with driving around in circles around the room. Recently, Yuusuke had became softer towards her.

“At any rate, I made a kind of motor. See here, it’s a kind of transmission mechanism gear box that I hastily made.”(Yuusuke)
“Hmm, I have no idea what you said….as long as it is needed it is good, just make it as fast as possible.”(Violet)

An item that was too flashy was made, as the initial prospect of it was being used as a strength to suppress the fight at Paula, but now it was too late for it to become a force. In order to dodge the bureaucracy speculation, he decided to leave the structure architecture to someone else, thus allowing Yuusuke to have free reign in making anything in his own time.

This is the first creation, calculations will be needed to be made from the vehicle image for the required amount of materials needed to create a complete vehicle.

“First I think it should be created according to an amusement park go kart level.”(Yuusuke)

Balloon-like items that are filled with helium air, with strings attached to it that will float fluffily like the “flying saucer”. Yuusuke pictured the peaceful sight in his mind as he murmured while watching Violet having fun riding the mini automatic cart.


-- One of the [Artless] villages in Fonclanc had been destroyed --

It was around evening when the urgent message came rushing into the palace.

In a certain food stall where the divine art users frequent, their investment that they have placed in managing the collection of the harvest from the village was lost, as it seems that most of the villagers had been murdered.

From the testimonies of the survivors, they said that soldiers claiming to be from the Gazzetta army began their massacre of the villagers after saying, ”those [Artless] whose allegiance isn’t with Gazzetta are all enemies.”

Immediately a group of investigation teams were dispatched, and as soon as the bureaucrats and royal knights heard about it, they went back home to check their personnel assets of [Artless] villagers that they had owned by getting in contact to those who run it for them. Thus, the palace suddenly became noisy.

The meeting with Blue Garden was held back, as King Esvobus was cautious of whether the information was leaked, thus they were waiting for the report from the investigation team. The intelligence troops that was in the city were gathering the rumors standing out among the people and being vigilant.

“Really!….peace doesn’t last long.”


Yuusuke was currently waiting at the carriage pouch of the palace with the Darkness god corps members, to leave for the Village of Rufk in a haste to pick up Sun. As most of the carriages had been sent out, Violet had arranged a royal carriage which was for the official’s use.

“Thanks for lending out a hand, Violet.”(Yuusuke)
“This isn’t much, quickly go pick up Sun.”(Violet)

“Preparations for Movement Assist Completed!”
“Captain, we can move off now.”

Compared to the normal carriages, it could bring out the full support systems of the wind and water arts. Vermeer was lighting the way, and sitting beside him was Shaheed with the reins as the coachman, Fonke was engulfing the carriage with a film of wind, while Aisha was continuously recovering the strength of the horse.

Isotta was currently on standby for any emergency contacts of information emanating from the palace, Yuusuke on the other hand was relaxing while entrusting the journey to them.

“Gazzetta’s soldiers…… is it Shinha’s instigation…?”(Yuusuke)

The royal carriage that was carrying the Darkness God Corps ran along the night on the single highway which led to Rufk Village.

Author notes: This chapter has been shortened, but it represents an opening of a new stage/arc.


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